1. Which of the following best defines the word modernism?
(Points : 3)
a literary movement that emerged after the Civil War and attempted to capture the distinct dialects and traditions of people in different parts of the country
a literary movement that championed the power of the individual to overcome any obstacle and to forcibly shape his or her environment to achieve his or her goals
a literary movement that attempted to promote the idea that individual freedoms were subservient to the will of the ruling classes in any given society
a literary movement that emerged after World War I and employed experimental techniques to capture and depict the contradictions and complexities of life
2. Why were young people who came of age in the first decades of the 1900s, as writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway did, dubbed the Lost Generation?
(Points : 3)
They spent so much time living in various European countries that they always seemed to be lost.
They had lost so many of their friends on the battlefields of Europe during World War I.
They had lost their faith in the goodness of humanity as a result of the violence of World War I.
They were the first generation of Americans to fight on the losing side of a war in the nation’s long history.
3. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald __________.
(Points : 3)
delivers harsh criticism regarding materialism in America
focuses on the importance of family in the lives of the novel’s characters
suggests that an unusual figure like Gatsby could never exist in the modern world
keeps readers guessing about Nick’s feelings toward Gatsby until the end
4. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s decision to write The Great Gatsby from Nick Carraway’s point of view means that readers __________.
(Points : 3)
are not likely to be interested in the story because Nick is the novel’s least interesting character
only know what Nick tells them and have their opinions shaped by him
have to choose whether or not to believe Nick’s side of the story or Gatsby’s side
never learn what happens to Gatsby after Myrtle Wilson’s death
5. In Chapter 3, Nick describes himself as one of the few __________ people he has ever known.
(Points : 3)
6. What does Gatsby suggest when he describes Daisy’s voice as being “full of money”?
(Points : 3)
He suggests that her marriage to Tom is built on lies and convenience.
He suggests that she is not truly worthy of his devotion and attention.
He suggests that her wealth is a defining and intrinsic aspect of her character.
He suggests that she is an inherently unrealistic and unbelievable character.
7. Based on his behavior in the novel’s opening chapters, which of the following best describes Tom Buchanan?
(Points : 3)
He is a generous gentleman.
He is a harmless fool.
He is a loyal friend.
He is a cruel bully.
8. Gatsby throws lavish parties that are well attended, but the mood of these affairs is generally one of __________.
(Points : 3)
deep discomfort and malaise
genuine brotherhood and heartfelt joy
carefree but false happiness
grotesque violence and fear
9. The different ways that Daisy and Gatsby reacted when challenging circumstances threatened their relationship as Gatsby tried to get home from Europe after World War I demonstrate __________.
(Points : 3)
Gatsby’s selfishness and Daisy’s generosity
Gatsby’s determination and Daisy’s weakness
Gatsby’s spitefulness and Daisy’s kindness
Gatsby’s courage and Daisy’s honesty
10. Which of the following is a symbol of Daisy, money, and past happiness in The Great Gatsby?
(Points : 3)
the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg
the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock
the valley of ashes
Gatsby’s opulent mansion
11. How does Nick feel when Gatsby tells him about things like his time at Oxford, his medals for his service in the war, and his time living “like a young rajah in all the capitals of Europe”?
(Points : 3)
Nick is impressed with Gatsby’s adventurous and eventful past.
Nick feels as though Gatsby is lying, and he dislikes him.
Nick feels threatened because he knows he cannot trust Gatsby.
Nick is confused because he already knows the truth about Gatsby.
12. It is possible to understand the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg as symbolizing __________.
(Points : 3)
the eyes of God
Daisy’s wealt

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